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Fun ‘N’ Learn provides a rich learning environment in which children can explore, interact and learn through the many aspects of their play and through fun. It is a regularly evolving environment where we routinely change activities and materials available, adapting to the children’s social, emotional and cognitive needs and abilities as they develop and grow.

Education Curriculum

Individual attention in a small class setting is provided with Teacher – Student Ratio of 1:6. Curriculum is aligned with National & International Schools to make future transition smooth and natural. Educational field trips and School presentations are made to enhance the effect of curriculum.

Rich Enviroment

While the possession of knowledge is an expected goal for toddlers and young children, at Fun ‘N’ Learn, we accomplish this goal through fun and play. We provide a language rich environment, including a small library of children’s literature.


Here we strive to provide a loving, stimulating place where children learn to solve problems and are coached to use their emerging language to become great friends and great people – we encourage and mentor the children to use their minds, their bodies and their emerging expressive language.

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Each new applicant is required to have a school tour, informal interview and an entrance assessment appropriate to age and grade level. Get in touch with us today for more information.


1 to 2½ years

Nurturing Playtime & Motor Skills

Communication & Storytelling

Music & Art Experiences

Half & Full Day

KG 1 & 2

2 to 4 years

Concepts of Literacy & Numeracy

Intro to Phonics & Numbers

Problem Solving Skills

Half & Full Day

KG 3

4 to 6 years

Communicate w/ Real World

Explore w/ Real World

Reading & Writing Skills

Half & Full Day

Holiday Camps, Movies & Plays

We host occasional/seasonal Holiday Camps, Movie Shows, Swimming Classes and Life Skills Coaching for children at home and starters.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Education Curriculum used at Fun 'N' Learn?

Our cirriculum is the total program that a child experiences while enrolled at Fun ‘N’ Learn. It includes the daily schedule, planned activities, child centered tasks daily routines such as eating and toileting, free play, outside time, creative art, science, math, language opportunities, library and ICT sessions, music, gross and fine motor activities.

How do i enroll my child with Fun 'N' Learn?

All parents will be asked to fill in a child application form when enrolling at Fun ‘N’ Learn. The application form comes with Terms and Conditions and Permission form with the indemnity which parents must sign if they would like the Child to attend our center. We will also inform you the enrollment fee amount and our school fees structure.

What should the toddlers bring from home?

Parents are required to supply for the toddlers 1 to 3 year olds the following items; Towel/Labeled (which we will keep at the school for their personal use), Diapers and Baby wipes for those who are not potty trained and Extra clothes: send two sets of clothes with your child’s name labeled on it.

What are the Drop-off and Pick-up times?

Security of all children comes first at Fun ‘N’ Learn and unless the person picking up the child is known and you have approved them we will not allow them to take the child from the school until we have cleared with you. Drop off time is between 07:45AM – 08:15AM and pick up time is between 11:45AM to 12:30PM from Monday to Friday.

How is Diet & Health managed at Fun 'N' Learn?

Food and nutrition are the core of a child’s growth, helping to build immunity and maximum brain development. We do not serve artifical flavour juice or soft dinksat school, we rather have them drink milk and water as a beverage. We take note of Fever, Vomiting, Diarrhea and running nose. If during the day your child is deemed as sick we will inform you ASAP.

Communication between Home & School?

We have parent and teacher’s conferences every Thursday between 12:30PM & 2:00PM on appointment basis. Special meetings can be arranged after class hours to discuss your child. At the end of each term you will receive a written report of your child, which include progress and areas covered during the term. We also use WhatsApp & Facebook for updates.

What are Fun 'N' Learn's Payment Policies?

Invoices at Fun ‘N’ Learn are rolled out at the begining of the term. Termly payments are prefered but monthly payments can be made and must be made before the start of each month. We reserve the right not to accept any child whose school fees has not been paid. We may be open during the holidays having camps which will be invoiced separately.

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